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by aladamapee
Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:38 am
Forum: Drinking Stories
Topic: Drunkard Injuries
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Re: Drunkard Injuries

Amazing & more exactly heart shaking stories or drinking side effect real event, which will not only amuse ourselves but also imparting a lesson that "Drinking is rightly prohibited in all civilized world & heavenly religions"
So we should abstain from drinking;-]
by aladamapee
Mon Apr 12, 2010 10:24 am
Forum: Music to Booze To
Topic: Music to drink to...lyrics
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Re: Music to drink to...

All of you contribute amazing piece of poetry here & i cant express my feelings here for the appreciation of your heart touching lines but i want to add just a single line as "A bowl of whiskey is much more tasty & fresh human mind than.....,,,,,,;-]