Am I an Alcoholic?

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Re: Am I an Alcoholic?

Post by Tarcek »

mistah willies wrote:Not merely functional,

but Impressively Well-Bottled And Drunken
Not only well-bottled and drunken, but suave and imbibically sophisticated :D

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Re: Am I an Alcoholic?

Post by TheDrunkardAnglo »

My brothers girlfriend once tried to have a 'heart to heart' with me on my drinking. She pointed out that I drink a lot, and that she doesn't think she ever had a conversation with me undrunk. I just casually implied that she was boring, and alcohol helps. You have to cut this shit down.
Major Strasser: What is your nationality?
Rick: I'm a drunkard.
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mistah willies
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Re: Am I an Alcoholic?

Post by mistah willies »

^ ^ ^

Friggin proper. I'll DRINK! to that, yessah.

I prefer the folks who don't feel the need to tell me how to go about my business. I handle my business quite well, thank you very much. In fact, let me show you how to go about it. Got a handle here for ya, care to have a nip? What's this? you need to drink to have fun? Then why the hell not have some fun at least once a day in your dreary little life of self flagellation and importance? Mind, after we get all done here, who knows if the next place will have a decent pub?

Ach. Never mind the likes of me, this here old sot. I wander off, even considering anything but this next sip of high proof rum.

Cheers to those to know how to have good cheer.

Amen. Fuck yes.

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