Adventures in unfamiliar booze, part one: Moscato

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Adventures in unfamiliar booze, part one: Moscato

Post by ReverendJesus »

So, this is just gonna be me, yammering about new booze.

Y'see, boys and girls, just last month I've taken a new IT position, with a massive worldwide liquor distribution company. Needless to say, there are heavenly quantities of booze around the office -- pretty much every anniversary, promotion, big sale, new client, "welcome to the company," holiday, meeting with clients, etc etc etc, is accompanied by a bottle of liquor/wine. Not only that, but sometimes they just have cases of wine sitting in the office kitchen as freebies.

Now, the good Reverend is emphatically not a wine drinker. Give me whisk(e)y and beer all day, or even exotic stuff like absinthe or Bärenjäger, and I'm good, but I know jack shit about wine. The most extensive experience I have with it was communion at church when I was little, and I know there's red, white, and in-between.

So, on seeing a case of wine (2010 Moscato; I've forgotten from whom) there for the taking, I decided I'd give it a shot -- after all, if this isn't the perfect opportunity to start learning about wine, I don't know what is.
After a quick Google search to figure out how to serve it -- turns out Moscato should be chilled, but not cold; google recommends pulling it from the fridge & letting it sit for 20 mins before pouring -- I filled up my glass and started in on the bottle.

My verdict - 8/10. Very good stuff -- lots of peach and apricot notes to it, and just enough 'dry' taste to give it a nice bite; it tasted a bit like peach Schnapps, but without the sickly-sweet taste of three pounds of sugar per shotglass-full. The end of the bottle tasted pretty much like the start, so there's none of this "it tastes better after you've had a few" shit going on with this one.

I don't have much more to add, as I'm writing this a few days after the fact; this is more a proof-of-concept post. I fully plan to keep doing this in the future, as I discover new liquors and wines. I intend to write up the next ones as I drink them, so they'll be much more interesting and in-the-moment (and misspelled, but what can you do).
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Re: Adventures in unfamiliar booze, part one: Moscato

Post by Dear Booze »

Keep 'em coming. Also, I'd be interested in your take on the Moscato after your wine palette develops a bit. Maybe a revisit in a couple of months?
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Re: Adventures in unfamiliar booze, part one: Moscato

Post by Mr. Viking »

Keep up the good work. Moscatello wines are something I'd never buy myself but always drink enthusiastically if offered
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Re: Adventures in unfamiliar booze, part one: Moscato

Post by Badfellow »

In the US, fortified "muscatel" wines have historically been held in high regard by bums and other financially challenged individuals as one of the cheapest, bestest buzzes around, and for good reason. These wines are surprisingly drinkable at upwards of 20% alcohol by volume and are the perfect compliment to a brown paper bag for a night on the town.

Fine work, Reverend J. We'll look forward to reading further of your odysseys and adventures into the great, boozy unknown.

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