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Juicing Like Jackie
Juicing Like Jackie
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Do what we do. Listen to Wagner--Ride of the Valkyries--at top volume, with the windows open. Scares hell out of those annoying neighbors, especially if your house is decorated with skulls and bats and such. BBQ something made out of cows, and drink something refreshing, like depth charges. Stomp around, waving your fists and cursing in an obscure foreign or archaic language. Repeat until someone yells that they're calling the cops. Tell the cops your neighbors smoke crack. Later, put "shut up little man" on the stereo for neighbors to enjoy.

Of course, if you like your neighbors, invite them and their booze over for bbq. Nothing cheers one up like a good party.
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Uncle Sal
Inebriate Savant
Inebriate Savant
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it was, actually, a line from the music that probably annoying my neighbors... damn fine advice... as always
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Palinka (RIP)
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I find that drawing breath is usually enough.
That and bleeding on their doormat.
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