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***New members: It is customary to offer a drink to everyone on the board, with your first post.***


1.) It really isn't necessary to quote everyone within a thread. If your post is pertinent to the last post, just quote the last post or the relevant part of it . That's what baby jesus made delete and backsapce keys for. Also try not to quote long posts. Quoting the sentence, phrases or paragraph to which you wish to reply is quite sufficient. If we aren't sure as to what you are referencing, we can go back and read the original post.

2.) If you want to talk about your pets, cars, sports team, go to the thread called Not Booze Related.

2a.) This board is not an AOL chatroom. Please do not include "LOLZZZ!!!' in your posts. We aren't grammar Nazis, but please be able to express yourself with the written word.

2b.) FKR actually pays for us to be able to hold this free discourse; so before you post something offensive, ask yourself "Would I behave like this in front of a guy that just bought me a drink?"

3.) There are other forums within this BBS. Try exploring them every now and then. They won't bite.

4.) Try not to open a new thread every time a new thought enters your head. It uses up space and will cause a crash. Furthermore, there is probably an extant thread on the topic already. We have search capability.

5.) We are here to support the magazine, not vice-versa.

6.) We have this handy feature called PM. It means Personal Message. It is where comments that are directed at only one other poster should go.

7.) The moderators are not here to be villains. We're here to make the board more efficient and accessible to all users. We also enjoy participating as posters, when we're posting in an official capacity we will let you know.

8.) Humour is great but only if it is funny. Calling another poster names or antagonising people and then pleading, "It was a joke." will win no favours.

9.) Please try to give a hint as to the nature of any site to which a link is posted. It makes all the difference. Make sure that you preface it with NSFW if it runs toward the racy side.

10.) Do not post on spam threads as you may be disappointed when your pearls of wisdom are lost when that thread is deleted. It also saves your friendly neighbourhood moderators a deal of headache and moral dilemma.

11.) Remember that this is an international forum and we would like to attract posters from all over the globe (see point number five).

12.) Ok...ok...We get it...Canadians speak funny, Brits have bad teeth, Aussies all wear hats with corks attached and have a best friend called Skippy. Enough. It isn't about me v. you, it is about us versus them; the killjoys, the buzzkills, MADD, The Anti-Saloon League, those bastards out there! Let's not lose sight of that.

13) Word of mouth works. If a thread appeals to you, e-mail a link to your friends (and, remembering point number five, be sure to mention the parent site; ). The more we can recruit, the harder it will be for the Volsteaders to take away our booze.

14.) Try replacing the "I'm off to the bar"/"I'm so wasted" threads with details of things that happened during your time away from the computer.

15.) Regarding "chat" threads, please see point number four.

16.) If your thread gets deleted, it was for a reason. Get over it and move on. This is not a democracy. You have no right to free speech here. Actions taken by moderators will please some and peeve others. Additionally, unanswered threads and old threads will be deleted due to limited server space. So please don't take it personally.

17.) No matter what you may think, the moderators are happy to answer any and all questions and address any and all complaints or concerns. We really are trying to make the board a better place for all of you. Pursue this avenue first.

18.) If you absolutely feel that your post should be stickied, do not make it a limitless sticky. Go for a maximum of 30 days; 7-14 days really should be ample. Posts that are still stickied after 30 days, for no good reason; will be de-stickied and left to sink or swim on their own merits.

19) Rape "jokes" and general misogyny will be dealt with harshly, as will rascism, homophobia and unpleasantness. You have been warned.

20) Please do not sign in as "Hidden"; it doesn't work, anyway, because, these days, your avatar will display that you are online, plus it makes everyone suspicious (and we are striving for Drunkard Unity, after all).

21) Accounts with no posts at all and the last "log-in" being over 18 months ago, will be deleted to save server space.

22) Please always check your Board Personal Message Inbox, whenever you log on and before you log out, this should prevent the system from getting jammed up.

23) The Forums; A Brief Guide to Avoid Confusion
Each forum has a different ethic and sensibility to it:
The Pub is a free-for-all, any conversation that you would be happy to have in your local is ok there (bearing on mind the points made above).
The Art of Getting Hammered is a forum for passing on tips and tricks that have been found to be successful.
Astonishing New Drink Recipes is precisely that. Any new combinations, discoveries of new alcoholic drinks or variants upon the classics should be put here.
Drinking Stories is for real, half-remembered, passed on or entirely fictious flights of fancy regarding drunken debauches, tales that involve a bloody good drinking session (or just a bloody one).
My Favorite Bar is there to guide fellow Drunkardists to places of good cheer (or warn them of places to avoid). It's a place to review bars, pubs and other watering-holes.
Drinking Events is where any planned parties, piss-ups or passing through town and looking for fellow Drunkardists posts should be put.
Drinking Quotes is a forum for any bon mots to be placed, whether they have come from a wino, friend, self or a celebrity.
Submit to the Modern Drunkard, first read all the back copies of the Magazine (then subscribe for new editions), and if you think that you've got something that might sit between the hallowed pages of an edition, put it here (if you aren't sure, put it in a different forum and enquire of your fellow Drunkardists if it's good enough). Do not put links to your blog, web-comic or other detritus in this forum because it will be swiftly moved or deleted (depending upon the moderator's patience, day and/or state of inebriation).
Not Booze Related, well pretty much anything goes within that forum (bearing in mind the points made previously) but do not be surprised if your "lolcats" thread gets brutally mauled.
2008 MDM )Convention is locked. You may look but you cannot play.
Modern Drunkards Explorers Club is there for Drunkardists to find fellow Drunkardists in their locale, or to gather together stout-hearted fellow Drunkardists to plan expiditions to territories either known or otherwise.
Politics, Whining and Other Bullshit despite the flippancy of its title, is a forum for serious discussion and debate (you'll note that it has its own moderating team). Please do not post there unless you actually have something relevant to say about a particular topic or within an extant thread.
Our Fallen Comrades this forum is where we mourn the passing of our siblings-in-spiritous substances, who have crossed over, now in Valhalla, drinking and having a blast. *Please tread very lightly, when you are in this forum.*.

24) Please do not sign in or set your User Control to "Hidden" (unless you have a really good reason), please. In any case, under the current BBS settings, a Board members' avatar will show other Board members when that Board member is online. And why would you want to be "Hidden", anyway? As the banner has it, "Say it loud, say it plowed!"

25) Please be polite and don't just cut and paste images straight onto the Board (if you do that, you are stealing someone else's broadband). Instead, download the image, that you want to use, then upload the image to an Image Hosting Site (such as, although there are plenty of others to choose from) and then link the image from there.

26) Please do not be "RiPT" (or any of his numerous other alter-egos, pseudonyms, multiple-personalities etc. Failing to observe this rule will result in (yet another) instant ban!

27) Do not disrespect other Board members (see also points 8, 12 & 19).

28) Once you have negotiated all of those, please have fun and enjoy your time spent here; find and share good endrunkenment recipes, stories and plans.

I am not trying to come over all heavy, here. I am just pleading for you to remember what this board is all about and the reason that it was set up in the first place.

Please feel free to debate these suggestions on the commentary thread.

Thank you for your time.

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