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whiskeyprick wrote:
May I ask, from where did you procure the fruit for your juices?
Most of the blueberries come from the wild. The strawberries come from a local u-pick farm. The apples from a local orchard. And the shiraz was concentrate purchased at the homebrew store.

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Professor Roomie
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Badfellow wrote:Thank you, friends, for further encouraging my neurotic hobby into a full blown psychosis. And while it is illegal to sell homebrew, the law does not forbid barter and gifting.
Professor Roomie wrote:That blueberry shiraz looks delicious. How is it that I haven't been to your house yet? And why weren't you in MA?
Yes, it does. I'm not quite sure. And I ended up going to a hellishly lame wedding reception instead.

Bottles are set aside for you and Brian. I'm having a major endrunkening session in the first week of November to commemorate my cloned-on date. The Mankato contingent should plan on attending.
PM us an exact date so that Oggar can get off work. I look foward to it.
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This is just lovely! My empty carboys lust for fermentables. I am in awe!!

Good on you sir!!
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