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Drinking Like W.C.
Drinking Like W.C.
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Post by fiyah »

Oggar wrote:At top speed I can do about 20 beers an hour
Warp speed ahead, Mr Sulu..

I like how mr animation dude scratched his ass after that first pint..
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Fred O'Lisby
King Cockeyed
King Cockeyed
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Post by Fred O'Lisby »

The quiz posted at the bottom was fun. I got all but one right (including "alcoholism causes beer belly" - false.) But apparently whiskey nose, like WC Fields had is more related to a skin condition.
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Super Drunkard
Super Drunkard
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Post by DeafDrinker »

I did the 15 pints and it said was completely monged. WTF is monged? Oh well, I can put back some beer but not that fast. I'm still sticking to my bar drinking routine of 4 beers/4 mixed drinks.

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