Fucking funerals

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Chugging Like Churchill
Chugging Like Churchill
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Re: Fucking funerals

Post by Oggar »

That's for sure. Been to too many lately. My condolences.
I can't write like Papa, you know I just ain't able
But if he came in here tonight, I'd drink him under the table -Ronny Elliott

RIP Mayhem, as long as I have a heart you are in it.

Drinking Like W.C.
Drinking Like W.C.
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Re: Fucking funerals

Post by l... »

That's what I call Drunkard justice. I hate prisses like that. They're mincing their way through life when they should be marching. ~fkr.

I wish i could find me a woman who drinks!~ruiner..on lack of women drinkers.


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mistah willies
Drinking Like W.C.
Drinking Like W.C.
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Re: Fucking funerals

Post by mistah willies »

Bur wrote:Drunk as hell, appreciate all of your condolences or however that is spelled.
One more from a Drunken Injun.

Belated (I'm bloated/ besotted/and dated)

But to you I wish: be sated.

A drink and a shot to you and your powerful bloodline, you mighty Drunkard.

Rest his soul

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