Damn it and damn it again

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Damn it and damn it again

Post by Judge »

A few weeks ago a good friend from my old local suddenly just died in his favorite chair at age 61. Gordon was a guy who always smiled and had a great outlook. Of course we always made fun of him due to his OCD about bar cleanliness but he'll be missed.

Today, another stalwart of that establishment Hall of Famer Bob St. Clair is gone. No reason given yet other than his age but read here about another good friend:

http://www.sfgate.com/49ers/article/Bob ... 212538.php

Goodbye Bob and God Bless Marsha I don't know what you'll do without him.
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Fast Cast
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Re: Damn it and damn it again

Post by Fast Cast »

Anybody who broke their nose six times and ate raw meat is OK in my book. Sorry for your loss, Judge.
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Juicing Like Jackie
Juicing Like Jackie
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Re: Damn it and damn it again

Post by BeerMakesMeSmart »

Wow. Sorry, Judge.
I'll miss you, pallie.

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Re: Damn it and damn it again

Post by Savage »

That does suck, yer honor. I feel the same way about my late dad in law. 91, and feeling fine, and then he gets a respiratory infection or whatnot, goes into the hospital, and gets infected with one of those incurable infections that seem to be running rampant these days.
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Mother Goose
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Re: Damn it and damn it again

Post by Mother Goose »

Losing those we love is awfully tough. Keep them in the memories . . .

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Palinka (RIP)
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Re: Damn it and damn it again

Post by Palinka (RIP) »

He died doing what he loved. Who can ask for more (immortality what get dull real quick)?

Nonetheless, here's to you pal, M.
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Re: Damn it and damn it again

Post by peetie44 »

I remember reading about St Clair years ago...and the raw meat thing. At 6'9"/265lbs, the guy was huge for the era he played in.

Rest In Peace, Bob.


http://www.49ers.com/news/article-2/Hal ... d93a46009a
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