Public Healthcare

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Re: Public Healthcare

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Palinka wrote:I think that the problem is that we are trying to compare completely different cultures. As the 8th Lord North said, "The problem is that many Britons think that Americans are British with a strange accent, whereas, in fact, we are as culturally different as any countries that speak different languages."
Or as someone famously, and rather more succinctly, (it seems that no-one can quite agree on the attribution, which is rather appropriate) put it, "[Britain and the USA are] two nations divided by a common language."
You know, it should be said that you, young fellow, put quite a lot of thought into your posts, links in hand.

I followed you down the rabbit hole and have been exploring for quite a while, and what an informative travel.

Well done.

I need to step up and contribute, myself.

Perhaps, the reason that we 'Murricans do not also put much thought into our words is due to Facebook, whereupon folks get instant satisfaction from the "Like" button, for their pics of what is that they have before them on their plate.

FBers might be Panjandrums.

Cheers to you, good man.

Foote note.

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Re: Public Healthcare

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At last, the truth about President Obama and his Pro-Skeleton Agenda!
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Kindly listen to this, please.

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Re: Public Healthcare

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CNN : Debunking 4 Obamacare myths: Both sides get it wrong

Looks like there has been some bunking.
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