Recreational cannabis goes legit in several states

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Re: Recreational cannabis goes legit in several states

Post by mistah willies »

Lush City wrote:
Sun Jan 07, 2018 10:30 pm
Even though it is a cash transaction only, they demand a photoscan of your driver's license into some mobile device which they claim goes nowhere. Yeah, right and I'm a monkey's uncle! They are now tracking the sales. This will drive people back underground because they aren't going to pay the taxes or have their privacy invaded.
You know, many of my Injun firends
many of my Injun fiends

many of my Injun accomplishes

said that they'd always feared the day that the almighty weed would become regulated. What would be next? Environmental standards? Organic, free-range, non-gluten, dairy-free, peanut-free, or even vegan-free?

Wait, that last one: please don't use vegans as fertilizer: (they don't taste all that good when cooked or when you're following one up a mountain pass of gas)


So, the thing about weed is that it is actually a weed. Trust me on this, when me Lady threw her hold of various seeds out from the door behind the house in Maine in the middle of winter. She was telling me that she didn't wan't to try to grow them; that it would take too long, and all the lightboxes for sprouts due to the higher latitudes of less sunlight at a lower angle and shorter growing season and blah blabbity blah

And I said, "How about a shot of Kraken?"

Next thing you know,

in the summer time, there were a few hardy weeds growing out the rear of the house, in the woods.

We didn't know it until mid summer, in the evening, with the sunshine below the western crust of Earth, and the windows open to let in the lovely evening breeze.

I think I got a contact high. The breeze coming through, and form when she came back with her flashlight and snippers in the ssshhmokey dank of evening and partook.

What I'm telling you Lush City, is that I quite agree with you.

Also, booze is not a substitute for weed.

Both are extraordinarily complementary.


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Re: Recreational cannabis goes legit in several states

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Move along, nothing to see here

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Re: Recreational cannabis goes legit in several states

Post by Badfellow »

As of two days ago, Emperor Cheetomane made a statement saying he will "probably" support a bipartisan bill to end the federal prohibition on cannabis. This would leave the option open to individual states to adopt their own laws (much like alcohol), meaning that weed will soon be legit everywhere in the country except for those southern states where there are already a bunch of fucked up laws on the books.

Assuming such, there will "probably" be a number of lucrative job openings in the near future.

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