Missing My MDM Friends

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Mother Goose
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Missing My MDM Friends

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It happens most often with Liz; but also very occasionally with Tony. When a "facebook memory" pops up and it's an old post from a few years back. It's shocking, yet heartwarming, when I see an old post where Liz or Tony posted. It's almost always Liz, though. She was one of the few regular MDM'ers that I never met in person, yet I feel like I knew like a sister. :)

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Re: Missing My MDM Friends

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Mag Earwig by Guided by Voices.
I put this CD on and immediately thought of Liz. I had never met her in real life and only talked to her once. GBV were her favorite band. The one time that i didi talk to her onthe phone, she got all teary when GBV came up.

Hey. This makes me laugh: in regards to Tony/Mayhem:: I think of his Italian self everytime that I hear Coby Calaise or whatever her name is. It makes me laugh. I scan the radio channels and when i hear that one song I think of him because his wife liked her.

man, these interente things are fukcied
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