Pandora Stations you care to share?

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mistah willies
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Drinking Like W.C.
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Pandora Stations you care to share?

Post by mistah willies »

For booznik, who, as you might have noticed in all of his posts, never once cursed, nor used bad language. Top notch classy dude. Bullshots and exotic booze finds abound, as he has lived his life.

Squirrel Nut Zippers Pandora Radio station, free for you to view and listen to.

In another direction, we start with classy booze for a few sips while wearing our tuxedos, and then we remove the tuxedo to chase the fun ladies to the bad parts of town:

A station from the Hirsute Man (Patchez) : Drinkers, Drifters and Grifters.

Many good finds occur there, which I constantly find, in my own endrunkard state of mind when the chase occurs. (Mind you, I never need a chaser. I am the chaser.)

Now what are your stations?

Hey, if you don't use Pandora, then put up a new thread for your favorite delivery of tunes.

A cheer here to you for your effort, if you do such a thing.

fucking DRINK!

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Rev. Dead Corpse
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Lord of Benders
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Re: Pandora Stations you care to share?

Post by Rev. Dead Corpse »

Postmodern Jukebox.

Lord of Acid Radio.

Abney Park.

The Pretty Reckless.

Yoshida Brothers.
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