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Drinking God's Good Scotch
Drinking God's Good Scotch
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MDM Book Club

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"The Tender Bar" by J.R. Moeringer. Excellent story, very well written. Please do yourself a favor and read it.

So let's get this rolling again. My suggestions are "Ask the Dust" by John Fante or "Sweet Thursday" by John Steinbeck.

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Chugging Like Churchill
Chugging Like Churchill
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Post by waahoohah »

I'm working on "Ask The Dust" right now.

It will take more research before I'm certain, but I suspect that John Fante is ipecac for my soul.
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Drinking Like W.C.
Drinking Like W.C.
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Post by bluebottle »

haven't read the tender bar. but ask the dust and sweet thursday are great! i believe sweet thursday is sort of a follow up to cannery row, another great wine soaked steinbeck classic. fante has another one too called brotherhood of the grape, and one called dago red i believe. good stuff!

Hangover Heartattack
Lord of Benders
Lord of Benders
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Cannery Row is a great book. Tortilla Flat is another great wine soaked story as well and probably my favorite as far as Steinbeck goes.

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Ripped Like Reed
Ripped Like Reed
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Post by Crystal »

YES!!! I LOVE THE BOOK CLUB!! I'll get the book as soon as i can.
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Ripped Like Reed
Ripped Like Reed
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Post by ruiner »

i know the problems we have all had with these assholes, and if you read the book, tucker max is the biggest of em all, but its a damn entertaining drunk read.
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Hooching Like Hemingway
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I thought I've read every Steinbeck book/story there was . . . somehow I've missed Sweet Thursday. I'll have to look for that one online (since the rinky dink libraries around here don't have that one).

I second Hangover's suggestions of Tortilla Flat and Cannery Row, for those who haven't read them yet. Two of my faves. (and stories that are easily appreciated by drunks.)
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Lord of Benders
Lord of Benders
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recently I've reread Call of the Wild by Jack London. Last book of his I read was his John Barleycorn autobiography. Great, manly, drunken man. Next book is O'Brien's Leaving Las Vegas, which, unbelievably, my university has the movie, screenplay, but NOT the novel.
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Super Drunkard
Super Drunkard
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ruiner wrote:i know the problems we have all had with these assholes, and if you read the book, tucker max is the biggest of em all, but its a damn entertaining drunk read.
I have that book, my friend has it right now and he texts me random quotes from the book. Also some good reading that has liberal amounts of drinking is the James Bond series by Ian Fleming, especially "Casino Royale", he tells the bartender how to make his martini.

Boozing Like Bukowski
Boozing Like Bukowski
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Re: MDM Book Club

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DrDrinkBastard wrote:"The Tender Bar" by J.R. Moeringer.
It's on order. Thank you.
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