The "perfect" Martini?

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What do you like to use in your Martini?

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Grain Alcohol (you sick freak!)
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Boozing Like Bukowski
Boozing Like Bukowski
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Uncle Sal wrote:used to drink (for 3 or 4 days in a row with minimal sleep) a block uphill from the Anchor brewery on Potreo Hill... many years ago. One of my favorite porters... if not the one, ...can't have just one...
Anchor Porter is the best porter in the world, hands down. Love that stuff.
Savage: "Unkle Lemmy looks just like his avatar, and that is hawt. Also, he sends me a crate of bourbon every month and for this, when I die, he will inherit my castle in Savagonia, and my 72 virgins. (They are all good boys, and very hard workers.)"

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