Wlak CH 7 Wlak

Remember what happened last night? Good. Now tell the world.

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Wlak CH 7 Wlak

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Angel by Massive Attack https://youtu.be/Y69nZWqsCy0

Ella sat between Urb and Burney in their escape vehicle form the Brutal Hammer Bar.

The cab flew between other vehicles like an unladen swallow. The passengers in the back tossed left and right like the bridge of the Enterprise during a Klingon attack. At times, they were on the wrong side of the road.

Ella grabbed Urb’s left knee to hold steady and squeezed it. She whispered two words that will bring any man to his knees and pray thankful words. She said, “I swallow.”

The cab driver chuckled to himself and said, “I sure hope she tips me.”

Ella’s hand slid up Urb’s thigh and alit upon the only member of his club. His eyes opened and he looked down as she unzipped his pants to shake hands with little Urb. She cradled his manliness as if she was peering into a crystal ball, and then she bent lower to seek the future.

The cab driver pushed the rearview mirror down low to observe the passengers behind him. Then he looked back at the street in time to avoid a crash. He swung the vehicle hard, which caused Burney to fall on top of Ella. Burney said something in a confidential voice to the back of her head. He said, “Wlak.”

Ella swung her head up around to face him and said, “What was that Burney? Get off me!”

When she did, her hair flung wet particles across Urb’s face. Burney backed up and said, “Wlak” and vomited again, but this time only on himself. Ella scooched her bum away and said, “Ew!”

Urb spat the awful taste from his mouth onto the rear of the front seat and wiped his eyes to get it out. His eyes had been through enough that evening. The driver swerved again in the opposite direction and Urb fell over onto Ella and said, “Wlak” across the back of her white jacket.

The cab driver said, “Hey! What in thee hell is going on back there? No sex in the back seat! Not without me!” He snickered and looked back at the road. Ella told Urb, “Burney just got sick all over himself. Let’s get out of here.” She leaned over Urb and pulled on the door latch to crawl out. Urb said, “Wlak” onto her rear-end.

The cab driver yelled at her. He said, “Hey! Wait till I stop the damn car, lassie!” He swerved and Burney fell against Ella. He said, “Wlak.” This time it went down her leg and into her shoe.

The cab driver sped up and zoomed into the hotel unloading area and screeched to a halt. He hopped out and ran around to curb side and whipped open the rear door. His nose wrinkled at the gust of vodka and wine. Urb in his pink furry hood eased out with Ella trying to crawl over him to escape Burney. Urb handed the man a twenty and sauntered towards the lobby entrance. Ella held onto a pebbled ashtray stand and pulled her heel off to shake it out. Her hair and jacket dripped, but she still didn’t have a clue about that. Burney just snored.

The driver said, “Ahh, fer fuck’s sake Francis.” He fetched a luggage cart and dragged Burney out to it and helped Burney crawl up on it. The driver walked back to his cab shaking his head, muttering. He said, “Come across the pond, cab driving on the wrong side of the road, Uber is taking over, and I get this every night in the fecking desert. For what, laddie?”

He slammed the door and sped away to another adventure. Ella looked over at Burney there on the brass cart and said, “Damn.” Then she went over to it and pushed it into the lobby. Her newly-found white jacket was wet with red wine/vodka splotches all over. It was actually quite stylish, in an haute-couture-vomitus manner.

From the front desk view, a wanderly man in a tight fitting pink jacket with furry hood wavered into the hotel bar. The doors slid open again and a woman pushing a luggage cart holding a body entered. Her jacket appeared a bit large, and it was splotched here and there with a hue of the lavender sort.

The desk clerks looked back at their computer screens and attended to those at their counter. Business as usual.

Ella saw Urb enter the bar and left Burney’s cart by the elevators, then she pursued Urb.

Urb held onto the bar to keep it grounded and said, “Something to cleanse the palate, if ya please.”

The bartender nodded at Ella who sat down beside Urb. “Something for your friend?”

Urb said, “What’ll it be Ella?”

Ella said, “A tall glass of you.”

Urb said, “That’ll be a couple of original Bombay gin and tonics. No fruit.”

Hallucinations by PRVIS https://youtu.be/Hox4TKn4Xz4


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Re: Wlak CH 7 Wlak

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That post gets an F

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