The Blackout Thread

Remember what happened last night? Good. Now tell the world.

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Hooch Hound
Hooch Hound
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Post by seabird »

3DrinksAhead wrote:anyone else ever observe that strange phenomena where you are blacked out, probably dont even have your eyes open, and yet walk home from the bar without incident (or at least without getting lost)? It used to happen to me all the time when i lived in Framingham, then one night i realized i was just walking in a straight line from the bar to the apartment. Thank God there were no lakes/swimmingpools/quicksand on the way...
I've walked the 3 blocks home from the bar many times with no memory of doing do. More often I get hungryor want more wine and take the bus to to grocery store or walk to a neighborhood restuarant for take-out while blacked out. I often wonder how I look to others while in that condition.

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Johnny Dollar
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Post by Johnny Dollar »

I like to think that booze gives me superpowers. Most notably the power of time travel.

It also gives the power to piss myself.

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Drunker Than God
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Post by MeanOldLady »

these days when i black out, it's almost standard procedure for me to regain consciouness with scratches, bruises (i don't bruise easily) and general hurting. either i'm getting a lot drunker and out of hand these days due to my new personal body guard, or he's beating me.
dpaw wrote:i've always enjoyed the morning game of "where's my truck?"
ah, memories. sort of. i remember the first time i lost my car, it took me about two hours and 10 bucks worth of bus fare to find it. then there was the time where i found my car, but had no idea where my keys or wallet were. i like to think of these as adventures!
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Post by TheIdiot »

AH yes, I am currently enjoying the forgotten half of two nights ago slowly leaking back in to my memory. If it gets any worse, I may have to leave the country. This place is too small for a drunk like me

11am tomorrow it's straight off with the booze fairies i go! right after i've handcuffed myself to the toilet

Drinking God's Good Scotch
Drinking God's Good Scotch
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Post by ***** »

Ah, the Island of Monkey Shines. It smells of Rum.

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Resident Asshole
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For my most recent blackout my friend and I declared it a snow day last week. It was the first snow of the year and we decided not to go in to work.

We began to drink early in the afternoon and the bartender at our first stop supplied us with numerous shots in exchange for helping her stock beer. We then hit a second location where the bartender owed me drinks for work I had done for him.

We proceeded to dance and apparently entertained the whole bar and at the end of our dance I leaned upon the bar and fell flat on my face. The owner saw this, helped me up and we had a good laugh later on.

I apparently went back to the first place and stood in the double entryway with the outside door open. Mind you, it was still snowing outside. The bartender yelled at me to close the door so of course I closed and locked the outside door, which was almost the opposite of what he wanted. Somehow I got home, but I remember none of the last paragraph.
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Post by Cappy »

You're a hero. Last blackout for me was sat night, and I wokeup in a parking lot near my building, in clothes that I somehow stole from a bar I was at in Sat.... With ants biting on me. I must say, awesome forum though.

Inebriate Savant
Inebriate Savant
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A beautiful blackout

Post by GetDrunkStayDrunk »

Not that kind.

Massive storm blew through the area in about an hour yesterday. Trees went down, some roofs were damaged, we were lucky to just have a couple big branches come down. However the power wound up being out for 16 hours! Fortunately we had about 15 pounds of ice already, about 3 fifths of liquor, and some sort of stuff called "food." Once the laptop died we had to pick up my roommates girlfriend since the light rail was down. I rode shotgun for fun to see the damage. Obscene traffic nightmare since the lights were out, luckily I was prepared with a G&T in a Nalgene bottle so I found it entertaining.

Once we returned it was card games with interesting drink mixes as the mixers were running low. Teuquila + orange and cream soda is not very good, too sweet and the cream flavor ruins it. However rum and grape soda with fresh lime juice was quite good actually.

Once cards got old we decided to see what the town was up to, so saddle up the vodka gatorades for discreet public drinking. Most houses seemed dark and quiet, a couple people out on the porches having a good time. It was only quarter to ten though so it was far to early for everyone to go to sleep. a walk to the main drag revealed where they all were, the bar!

My favorite neighborhood bar is run by a an enterprising individual who showed up and started shoving candles into beer bottles. I think it was actually better lit than usual. Of course it was cash only, fortunately I had a good amount on me as the ATMs obviously weren't working, than again, that bar is ALWAYS cash only. so couple good rounds of fortunately still cold beers later we decide to see if the other bars are open. One was as they had a generator, douche bag looking crowd though so we moved on, all the others had locked doors, so back home we decided to go.

Couple drinks later and I'm passed out on the couch, eventually make it to my bed. Woken up at about 8 to my fan kicking on and the TV coming back to life in the living room.

All in all a good drinking time was had. I wish I knew more people in the neighborhood so it could have been a downright party, but my roommate and I did alright for ourselves. I always love a good blackout, both kinds.

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King Cockeyed
King Cockeyed
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Re: A beautiful blackout

Post by DeeboCools »

I support this message. It's easy to fall out of touch with what drunks did before TV, the internet, and even electricity. They fucking walked around and talked to people. It's fun every once in a while!
"S0briety diminishes, discriminates, and says no; drunkenness expands, unites, and says yes." -William James

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Jiggers McCoy
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Re: A beautiful blackout

Post by Jiggers McCoy »

Reminds me of dealing with the blizzards last year in DC. Some friends were complaining about not knowing who was still open in the city and they were shocked that I suggested calling ahead to see if (gasp) a human being answered the phone. Lost art of personal contact, etc.

Now that I'm living in Florida, I'm looking forward to our first hurricane party.
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Re: A beautiful blackout

Post by beerkegbilly »

I had those all the time as I was in the Marines they are fun

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Lord of Benders
Lord of Benders
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Blacking out

Post by Aloysius_of_Tahiti »

I've always thought it was common. But lately I'm not so sure. I've probably blacked out 2 dozen times in my drinking career and I'm not yet 30.
And the thing is, I really like blacking out. When I wake up, it's like I'm Sherlock Holmes on the trail of Where the Hell Did All My Money Go and Why Am I Naked Under a Tree?!?!?!

Juicing Like Jackie
Juicing Like Jackie
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Re: Blacking out

Post by BeerMakesMeSmart »

2 dozen times? That's like a month for me. And a week for Dirty Lou.
I'll miss you, pallie.

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Drinking God's Good Scotch
Drinking God's Good Scotch
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Re: Blacking out

Post by Bur »

Blackout = BossMode.

king buzzo
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Inebriate Savant
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Re: Blacking out

Post by king buzzo »

At least your not whiteing out....that would just be wrong....

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