Sean Chronides CH 1

Remember what happened last night? Good. Now tell the world.

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Sean Chronides CH 1

Post by The Urbane Spaceman » Tue Sep 12, 2017 8:01 pm

He had it all wrong. I’m not a bad guy. I helped him out, when he first showed up here from a shit state. I was his first friend here. He had on this nerdy shit, like, square-tipped boots with zippers up the side. Wearing brown corduroys, sweating in the heat at the bus stop. Some sort of cheap opened necked sweater, dark green with a white stripe across his thin chest. Dude looked like he needed help. You know he was gonna get his ass beat, showing up like that.

Bus stop was city bus. No school bus for us in that area, back in the day, for junior high school, ‘less, you lived in any less poor area. We were both in that section 8 housing, brand new, but still for the poor. That was why. He was poor like me. But I knew what I had to do, because I had an older brother, and we raised with a smart mom. She got her shit together, before she got bad again. I love my mom, no matter what happened, no matter what went through. No matter what happened after, still do. Even after she turned me in the final time.

That little guy, the one you call Urb or someshit. He had no fucking clue. He even had his name penciled in on the school books across the front. Like he was worried about losing his books. Should have put his address on there too. Or inside. Hell, probably did. I didn’t fuck with him like a bully. I had pity.

That’s right. I took pity on him. Poor bastard like me, but he had no clue. Walk into a new scene dressed like that? Like diving in the ocean with sharks, and you got your floaties on, no flippers. Target. I couldn’t help it. I was laughing under my breath walking up on him. I seen him in his house, going out now and then in the housing quad and looking around for the dumpster. To chuck, or to scrounge? I had no idea. Odd as fuck. Like unsure about shit. Like form another county, if it was another planet. But, there was this: he was not scared. Just exploring. That’s why I liked him. He needed someone to show him around.

So I step up to him at the bus stop. I saw his name on his book. He had that name of his out, like he was wanting someone to see it. I said, “Urb? What kind of name is that?”

When I finally heard him speak, I knew definitely that he was from a different place. He was all polite and shit. I dunno. I couldn’t make fun of him like I was going to. I dunno. So I told him about 501 jeans, dark brown polo button down oxford shirts, and dark brown Topsiders with the white sole.

He said, “What a Topsider?” I told him that they were loafers, like mocs, as deck shoes.

He says, “Deck shoes? Like, for a boat? In the desert?” Then he starts laughing.

Huh. I thought, fuck it. Let’s see what happens to him. Good luck you little bastard.


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Re: Sean Chronides CH 1

Post by oettinger » Fri Sep 15, 2017 9:36 am

I thought Sean sneaked in later into the real crowd?
My account got hacked by Buzzawbirdy

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