Friday night jail

Remember what happened last night? Good. Now tell the world.

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mistah willies
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Re: Friday night jail

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Nausea wrote:
Tue May 21, 2019 11:17 am
Things that suck about jail:

1. Finding a good time to take a shit (i.e., when there's toilet paper available and some cantankerous asshole isn't using the only roll as a pillow).

2. Trying to nap on concrete floors or benches to pass the time -- the hips don't rest well.

3. Punks fucking with you trying to threaten you into posting their bail when you get out by asking sneaky questions like where you work and using that information to leverage threats of repercussions if you don't bail them out. Sneaky fucks.

4. Having to breathe other people's shit fumes in the poorly air-conditioned cells.

5. The thin clothes providing no warmth. You wrap your arms around yourself to stay warm but are still shivering (maybe this is only a skinny guy problem).

6. Finding pubes in your food. Only the Lawd knows why.
Damn fine list.

Jail is boring. (No innuendoes intended)

I once read Hitchhiker's Guide three times in a row. Just the first one. From the book cart. For the weekend IUD stint.

People! Listen here.
Donate books like that.
Not those cheap Harlequin formulaic romance novels.
Incarcerationists who read need feed for their noggins if they can't have booze.


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Re: Friday night jail

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I've never been to jail before. The closest I ever came was being handcuffed to a pipe at the Police Station back in 1984 for a DWI arrest. But that didn't last too long. My friends came to get me after the Cops were done giving me a breath analyzer test for the 2nd time.

I do have a Cousin in Dannemora serving 8-12 for sexual assault. He says the food sucks and I believe him.

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