Route 66

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Route 66

Post by brandonman »

So after a very special Birthday that comes in one month and 2 days, followed by helping my best drinking buddy move, along with some very special shenanigans I won't let our Puritan government in on, I'm planning a Rt. 66 roadtrip, which will start in St. Louis all the way to LA. From there I'm thinking about taking US Interstate 15 through Baker, Barstow, and Berdue (Fear and Loathing Style. Doubt it will be a 60s Impala. I drive a 2000's Mustang I'm thinking about letting run wild on this roadtrip) to Las Vegas to meet my mother who wants to fly out to meet me to gamble. Will anybody be in my sights? My buddy moves somewhere the 27th and 30th of July. If I left a few days afterwards, what kind of shenanigans could I hit up with you fellow drunkards? No dates are set in stone yet. I just have to be back to St. Louis before Aug. 22nd.
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Re: Route 66

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If that's your plan, then you should definitely watch this, first.
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