Does it have to be a quote?

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Palinka (RIP)
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Does it have to be a quote?

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Here a superb act of "drunkardism", that's nearly wordless...

I know the story and, yeah, they got fooled; does that stop making it bloody marvelous?
"If I had all the money that I've spent on drink, I'd spend it on drink!"
"The trouble with internet quotes is that one can never be sure if they are genuine." - Abraham Lincoln
Kindly listen to this, please.

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Hooching Like Hemingway
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Re: little known facts about Oettinger

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Oett (during the coronavirus hoarding craziness) drunk slurring: We need to go to the store on Monday morning. Things will be crazy after this weekend. We should be there first thing when they open.

Me: Why? We have everything we need. Plus if that's the case, it will be madness and everyone will have the same idea and be there first.

Oett: Then we need to be there second.

Me: *LOL* Okay well what is so important that we need so badly?

Oett: We need to get more steaks...[/color]
Okole maluna!


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