Saturday 28th February 2015

Are you planning a booze up? Conscript soldiers for your personal war on whiskey here.

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Rev. Dead Corpse
Lord of Benders
Lord of Benders
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Re: Saturday 28th February 2015

Post by Rev. Dead Corpse »

Um... Same here. Back again that is...


Shellback, Dr Pepper, and a couple of Marichino cherries. In a tall glass. Lathering, rinsing, repeating...
<insert something profound here>

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Boozing Like Bukowski
Boozing Like Bukowski
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Re: Saturday 28th February 2015

Post by NYDingbat »

12 years and counting! Thanks for creating this wonderful li'l nabe, thanks to all those through the years who have kept it going - I know there are others but I personally know the work greygoose, Judge and Palinka have done to keep this board up and running. And thank you to all who participate and post the funny, the silly and sometimes even the serious that provide the fuel this board runs on.

Speakin' of fuel - I raise a glass to all of you Magnificent Drunkards, near and far, who have made it an absolute pleasure to hang out here on The Board! Now go forth, show that uppity lizard of yours who's boss and do our fearless Founder proud!

"I don't start the day. I continue the night."
- mistah willies

"What contemptible scoundrel has stolen the cork to my lunch?"
- W.C. Fields

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Super Drunkard
Super Drunkard
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Re: Saturday 28th February 2015

Post by AntonArkydivich »

Ah shit, one minute too late on Pacific Standard Time. I missed this for seven hours of washing dishes?

Anyway, thanks and salutations be, to all you wonderful bastards and bastardesses who make up this community. You have been better to me then I deserve, and you're all great. I'm sure one day I'll end up in a bar-alley brawl with someone from here without knowing it, but that doesn't change my feelings on the matter.

Cheers to all, and to all a warm night and merciful morning.
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Making my own city lights out of bourbon and the stars of a barroom fight.
- Josh Ritter

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Juicing Like Jackie
Juicing Like Jackie
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Re: Saturday 28th February 2015

Post by oettinger »

Missed the party thanks to my dickhead girlfriends moodiness.
But the after party is the party to go to anyway.
So what`s left? This is where the best cocktails are invented
Move along, nothing to see here

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