The rules of drunken chess

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The rules of drunken chess

Post by rivuxgamma »

I'm gonna meet up with an old buddy soon and I'm gonna try to get him to play drunken chess. Only problem is that we could never agree on the rules. Where we differ in opinions is what happens when you take an opponent's piece. I think it's best if the person taking the piece takes a drink as more of a balancing effect. He thinks it's best if the person losing a piece takes a drink as a punishing effect. I figured this was as good a place as any to get an opinion on it.

Here's what I propose:
Start the match with a shot on each side
½ shot for each taken pawn
full shot for each other piece taken
opponent takes a shot if you promote a pawn

I think we're going to need a less drunk ref to keep things paced and at least moderately orderly.

What do you guys think? My way or the other guy's way?
I'll fill this out when I'm smarter

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Re: The rules of drunken chess

Post by oettinger »

Google pic search "drink chess".

The rules you posted just sound correct.
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