Sunday 25th January 2015

Are you planning a booze up? Conscript soldiers for your personal war on whiskey here.

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Palinka (RIP)
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Sunday 25th January 2015

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Tonight is "Burn's Night"!

So break out the 'pipes, the Tartan, the haggis (with cabbage, tatties and neeps - and lots of butter and black pepper) and lots and lots of whisky (Highland, Islay or Speyside Single Malts, for preference but Blended will do, if that's what you have; the important thing is that it should be Scottish). Then, around an open fire, swap tales, poems and ancient lore. In short have a fucking good time, and if you have to be at work tomorrow; breeze in with the declaration that you were following a "Auld Family Tradition" (and then threaten to recite the "[url= ... is}Address to a Haggis[/url]" there and then.

Go to, good luck and have a blast!

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