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Re: Another Solo Mission

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We can say that now. I say that now. I drink alone, because one else is here. The old man went off for "a nap" a few hours ago, and he will not be up again, probably. Cancer treatment is hard on the system. He is through chemo but most nights, including tonight, he vomits. The chemo doc (my doc also) told him it is normal to vomit after treatment has ended. I didn't even puke during; I was just terribly tired.

Yeah man it is rotten. Ladybug had a radical mascectamy (sp) and they fucked up all the nerves in her right arm. The chemo treatment was a high dose clinical trial. She didn’t just vomit, she projectiled like that girl in The Exorcist. Could not keep any food or liquid down. Several emergency trips for extreme dehydration. The biggest thing to me though was they prescribed morphine and other pain killers to make up for (my guess) the botched lymph node surgery and told us it would heal in time. Well of course it didn’t heal in time and the new doctor after Katrina just cut her off of all pills. That was just swell of him. I’m glad I never got addicted to narcotics. To watch her deal with the withdrawal was very painful.
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