The San Antonio Bar

Remember what happened last night? Good. Now tell the world.

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The San Antonio Bar

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Myself, the second assistant, and the wiper had gone ashore in Korea, some medium sized town whose name escapes me at the moment, anyway the three of us were ashore, first we had a couple of drinks on the ship then a few more on the launch, we hit up one of those cook your own food joints, the kind with the charcoal grill in the middle, we ate, but then got kicked out, if they hadn't wanted us to build a bonfire on the grill they shouldn't have given us so many sticks.

After dinner, we hit up one of those ice trough beer joints the middle of each table had a trough full of ice and beer, you simply grabbed whatever beer you wanted, opened the bottle, and placed the cap in a basket, when you were done they looked at the caps and charged the correct amount.

The 2A had heard of a bar named the San Antonio bar, thing was, everyone we asked hadn't heard of it, now the 2A was a large guy, about 6'3-6'4ish, and when buzzed could get quite animated, gesturing wildly, and like all ships engineers tended to talk load, more so when drunk, and also tended to talk even loader when the person he was speaking to would understand English better if he shouted.

So by about 2100 the three of us were staggering down the street, and the 2A was accosting random people on the street, waving his arms wildly and shouting "SAN ANTONIO BAR!!"

People were crossing the street to get away from us, one man went into a martial arts type stance, a woman turned and ran, clearly this was getting out of hand, the wiper and me got the 2A into a bar, got a Suntory into him, he calmed down, then began asking the old woman behind the bar about the San Antonio Bar.

We got back outside and manged to hail a cab, the 2A leaned over the seat, and the driver, gesturing and shouting San Antonio Bar!
I pulled him back into his seat, told him to shut it, and calmly told the driver we wanted to go to the San Antonio Bar he asked me if I knew where it was.


I said no the 2A just kept saying, "San Antonio Bar every few minutes.

The driver started driving, and after about 10 minutes pulled into a driveway, with a sinking feeling I realized we were at a police station.

Double fuck!

A police officer came out, at this point, even as drunk as he was the 2A knew enough to shut up, the policeman leaned in the window and asked us, "where do want to go?" I told him, the San Antonio Bar, he nodded and went over and spoke to the cab driver, the driver nodded and got back behind the wheel.

Perhaps things were looking up

The driver pulled out and drove a few blocks, then stopped on a very dark side street.

Mother fucking hell

I resigned myself to getting beat by some Korean cops, and sure enough after a few minutes a squad car pulled up, an officer got out and walked back to the cab, leaned in the window and spoke to the driver, then walked back to the squad car.

The squad car pulled out and the cab followed, the squad car put on it's lights and siren, then sped up, the cab kept following, for about 20 minutes we raced through the town, through red lights, skidding around corners, racing down streets...

We skidded to a stop in the middle of a street.

The driver got out of the cab and opened the 2A's door, me and the wiper climbed out the other side, a policeman walked up to me, big smile on his face, he gestured grandly and said, San Antonio Bar, and sure enough, there is was, a yellow sign, that read San Antonio Bar 2F.

The cop shook my hand as I thanked him, and he said "good time, good time San Antonio Bar"

I paid the cabby and tipped him large.

Me the 2A and the wiper climber the stairs to the second floor and went into the San Antonio Bar.

All in all, while it wasn't a bad bar, it really wasn't anything special, but then it has been said, it's the journey not the destination.

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Re: The San Antonio Bar

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You got the presidential ride
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