A Glorious Michaelmas, to you all!

That's right. You can put them right here.

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A Glorious Michaelmas, to you all!

Post by Frankennietzsche »

'Tis Michaelmas, the Feast of the Archangels.
I hope that you all have enjoyed the last of this year's blackberries, for you wouldn't want to taste of Ol' Scratch's expectorations.

Of note, it is also the anniversary of the birth of two American Heroes: the great, time-traveling, cybernetic sea-farer Admiral Horatio Nelson, and the Hero of Stalingrad and defeater of the Hun Gene Autry.
“Süßen witwe Mutter-Hosen — kommst du hier mit mein knackenpfeife schnell, oder Ich zeige Ihnen mein Zuhälter Hand!”

"I am going to pistol-whip the next person who says 'shenanigans' "

"Rectum? It nearly killed him!"

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