Your Booze Review- Hamilton Gold Rum

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Your Booze Review- Hamilton Gold Rum

Post by Badfellow »


*750 ml bottle with cork cap

*Retail price- $24.99

*Alcohol by volume- 46.5%

* "Selected for it’s flavor and authenticity from the Worthy Park Estate warehouse"

So, from what I gather, that ol’ rum-dog Ed Hamilton, founder of the Ministry of Rum, has struck out on a commercial venture to select, blend, bottle and bring to market a series of rums he feels to be examples extraordinaire. This man has no small list of love or credentials regarding these spirits. You can research it for yourself.

Having been fully obligated to buy a bottle, I was not remiss in my expectations. There is little to no burn upon sipping this golden colored rum, a trick that the best of gently aged Jamaican rums pull off with sometimes dangerous beguile. Lightly sweet, earthy molasses and a little butterscotch flavor from the conengers, fusel alcohols and diacetyl compounds left intact by the pot stilling process.

It is devilishly tasty consumed on it’s own. But where Hamilton Gold really shines is in cocktails of the tropical persuasion. And not just temperate meridians of tiki or daiquiri, but in nearly every cocktail recipe you might possibly conceive. And it is a fantastic value for the quality compared to what other booze prices have been doing recently. Fucking buy it now or be filled with regret forever. You will not be disappointed. Ed Hamilton knows his rum.

-R.I.P. Mistah Iabasis Willies, to the happy hunting ground, my friend

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